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Buy calling card online canada

If you want to buy calling cards online Canada, you will find several options. Many of these cards are issued by prepaid long distance providers and offer no additional fees. CiCi calling cards have a toll-free number and unlimited calling in Canada. CiCi is a convenient way to make international calls without having to worry… Read More »

Business number for canada

The Canadian government has introduced a new process for acquiring a business number for a business in Canada, called a BN. The number is assigned to businesses in Canada and is required for certain taxes. Businesses need a business number to receive payroll deductions and other government services, including import and export taxes and information… Read More »

Best wifi phone app

If you want to stay connected, download the best WiFi phone app. WiFi calls have become one of the most common ways to communicate. This application allows you to make and receive calls over the Internet, and also includes many features. If you are looking for an app for WiFi phones, here are some options… Read More »