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Can you make a phone call using wifi

“Can you make a phone call using WiFi?” if you ask, you are not alone. A recent report by the 2020 Business Communication Report shows that the number of people working from home is increasing. And current events have only exacerbated the trend. In fact, four out of 10 companies currently have teams working from… Read More »

Can you call using wifi

If you’ve ever experienced a point or no mobile network coverage, you’ve probably wondered, “Can you call over a WiFi network?” The answer is yes! All mobile phones can make and receive calls over a WiFi network. The operator routes the call over the network with the strongest signal, and the phone automatically selects the… Read More »

Can you call over wifi

Wi-Fi calls are an increasingly common feature on mobile devices. If you made a call on your phone while connected to the network, you were probably using Wi-Fi calls. This technology, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, has been around for several years. It works like regular calls – without the need to use… Read More »

Can you call on wifi

If you were wondering, “Can you call WiFi?” You are not alone. Almost all major mobile carriers have this feature. It allows you to make regular phone calls or send SMS messages without using a mobile phone. Even 911 emergency services are available with WiFi Call. But how do you use it? Read on to… Read More »