A Review of Nextiva Business Voip Phones and Systems

By | January 10, 2021

If you’re thinking about switching your business lines over to a Voip service (a service that uses your broadband Internet connection to make telephone calls), there are several things you need to consider first. After all, it’s not as easy as buying a new phone, paying for Internet service, and then deciding to make the calls! And if your company is already using Voip, such change can be complicated even further. That said, following is a brief outline of some of the key differences between business Voip and residential Voip. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll have a better understanding of what to look for when you’re making a decision on whether or not to switch your business lines over.

One of the primary differences between business voip phones and regular VoIP is that they work over existing networks – in other words, the phones work just like their regular counterparts, but they also go through the same technology. Because this is a primary feature of their services, the nextiva Voip system has a few advanced features that set it apart from its competition. For instance, Nextiva offers a free conference phone service which allows you to call a specified number and take advantage of all of the advanced features such as voice conferencing, video conferencing, and so forth.

Another key difference between business voip phones and regular telephones is that they use the internet connection for both telephone calls and faxes. So, if your computer has a poor internet connection, or if your internet connection is simply slow, then your telephone calls may come through a little slower than they would in a better situation. Fortunately, Nextiva has developed a special feature called GPRS Netresso that enables Nextiva users with computers with a GPRS modem (model year 2021 or later) to make and receive telephone calls even when their computers are not connected to a good internet connection. As long as there’s a strong signal, a voice message can be sent regardless of the strength or quality of your internet connection. This makes it possible for you to use Nextiva as if it was a regular telephone, even when your internet connection isn’t at the best.

Along with its internet capabilities, Nextiva offers some additional features that can be useful for your business VOIP phone plan. First, you can set up automatic call forwarding so that any voicemail messages that are left for you will automatically be forwarded to your email address. You can also set up automatic call routing for an area code and for a seven digit number, so that any calls coming from a different area code and seven digit number are forwarded to your voicemail. Finally, you can set up a feature called voicemail broadcast where a message will play directly to your voicemail box when any voicemail message is left for you. This is useful for those times when you need quick answers to a specific problem and can’t be right there on the phone.

Another feature of Nextiva that makes business voip phones great is their ability to forward calls to multiple numbers. Many traditional phones just leave a message that tells you that you have another call that you should take. With Nextiva, if you have more than one phone, each can receive a call forwarding to another line. That way, you can take a bunch of calls and only have to listen to one. Even better, these phone forwarding functions work independently so that you can still keep the voice mail that you want to hear on any of your phones.

A final feature that can help your business voip phone system much is the automatic call answering system. If your normal telephone system doesn’t automatically answer calls, then you can add extensions to your Nextiva account so that you can have people take the calls yourself. You can have the calls forwarded to voicemail so you don’t even have to be involved with taking the calls. Just let them know that you’re unavailable and that you’ll check back with them as soon as they can.

Along with all of the different features that Nextiva offers, they’ve also put together a great package of plans to make it easy for even small businesses to get the high speeds and low rates that they need. The Low Rate bundles start at just $20 a month, while the Business Phone bundles start at just $50 a month. For large companies or businesses that are in need of larger speeds, these are excellent packages that will enable them to get the business voip phones and services they need for extremely low prices. For anyone who’s looking for extremely low rates without sacrificing quality, this is one of the best phone systems around.

Of course, there are tons of other features that business voip phones can have. If you’re a small business, then you may not need features like recording your voice for future transcription services, but you can still take advantage of things like conference calls. The conference calls will allow you to talk to several people at the same time, just like if you were actually in a conference room. Other features like voicemail and address book can really come in handy for those who have a home office, since you can keep your entire communications files on your phone system and not on your computer.