Advantages Of Small Business VoIP Phones

By | December 12, 2020

small business voip phone

Advantages Of Small Business VoIP Phones

When you acquire small business VoIP services from True talk, you receive large-business features for nearly 40 percent less than what it is costing you today. Because you already possess the internet, you do not incur additional charges associated with paying your phone company each time you make a call. You are also not tied to a particular phone number, therefore eliminating long distance charges and other expenses associated with owning a fax machine and phone line. And because you can talk regardless of where you may be, your office calls are uninterrupted, even during business hours.

With your own small business VoIP phone system, you can also eliminate the need for an expensive receptionist. Most companies that offer VoIP services have a one-person in-house receptionist who handles all the calls for the company. This person then becomes overworked to the point where they are ineffective at their job and cannot give your clients the attention they need.

The bottom line is that hiring a receptionist is an unnecessary expense for your business. While having a voice over IP phone system will help cut down on overhead associated with a receptionist, it is still better to have someone to work from home rather than in the reception area. The majority of small businesses are already equipped with high speed internet, so the phones used to make the calls can connect directly to the internet. As long as your employees use their office computer, ship systems can be used in conjunction with your existing internet service to make a single phone call from any location.

Additionally, most small businesses that utilize a voice over IP (VOIP) phone service also have high-speed internet. This allows voice communication to take place without any delays or audio distortion. For example, if you call a customer service representative and have an important conversation, they will not experience any issues with the sound quality. If the employee has trouble hearing a telephone conversation, the company is not spending any additional funds on headsets or other communication devices.

One of the main benefits of VOIP phones is the ability to add extensions easily. There is no need for additional hardware as well. Extensions can be added to an existing plan for as little as $2.50 per month. Adding extensions is especially helpful if many employees use the same number for making calls. The majority of small businesses already have landline phones.

Most small business voip services do not interfere with traditional analog phones. Analog phones are commonly used for making local, long distance and international calls. In fact, there are a number of small business VOIP services that allow you to make calls with an analog phone and a VOIP phone system at the same time. This allows you to connect two devices that require simultaneous use of a phone line to the same conversation.

Another advantage of using a small business voip phone system is the cost savings associated with the system. When people use traditional telephones to make long distance calls, the cost can be anywhere from two to three times more than it would be with a VOIP system. This can mean a significant amount of savings to the company. The VOIP provider actually pays the phone companies for the use of their lines. It is not a service that is offered free. It is, however, generally less expensive than making long distance calls using traditional phones.

Small business voip systems offer an alternative to traditional telephony. They provide a reliable, cost effective way to communicate with customers. They also allow employees to communicate within the same system and have the same easy access to customer service as larger organizations. These are just a few of the reasons that having small business voip phones is very beneficial to your company.