Benefits of a Hosted PBX Service

By | December 11, 2020

A Hosted PBX service is an IP telephony solution with Voice over IP to connect calls over either private or public IP networks. Many small, medium and large companies use hosted IP PBX systems to provide their business with phone service and local or long distance voice communication features. A Hosted PBX system provides many of the features that would be provided through an IP connection, such as call forwarding, auto attendant, call transferring, music on hold, find me follow me call forwarding, multi-line and virtual receptionist, call transfer, music on hold, call screening, conference calling, call transferring, speed dialing, IVR, etc.

hosted pbx service

A hosted pbx service offers many of the same features as an in-house fax solution, but can be less expensive since the companies don’t have to install and maintain the equipment. They pay a monthly fee to use the bandwidth and power provided by the provider. This cost containment is important for small business communications. Large businesses may use high-end equipment to meet their business communications needs.

A hosted fax service can be found in a number of places, including some of the larger providers. There are also many independent hosted pbx systems available, depending on what type of system the provider needs. The system can be found in the data center of the provider. The data center is typically located on the internet and provides security for the system.

Some of the advantages of having a hosted fax service include ease of deployment and cost. Data centers can be expensive to build and maintain, and hosting is less expensive than purchasing and maintaining data centers. Another advantage is that businesses can take advantage of a number of providers at the same time, if they have the option. With a hosted PBX, the phone company shares server space with the provider. This reduces the amount of money a business has to spend on purchasing their own servers.

Businesses may want to consider a hosted pbx system if they currently have a voicemail system. A hosted PBX allows users to access voicemail through an internet interface. This feature reduces maintenance costs for the business because the voicemail server isn’t maintained, updated or repaired. Maintenance costs for hosted pbx include a minimal monthly fee for the service, maintenance fees for the network that services the phones, and other fees.

A third advantage is flexibility. Many businesses don’t want to tie themselves down to specific plans or hardware. Hosted PBX offers IP networking, which allows the hosted system to adapt to changing demands from different locations. This cost savings can be applied to additional telecommunications expenses.

Off-site availability is another strong benefit to a hosted PBX. With an on-site system, telephony solution can be provided anywhere there’s an Internet connection. This can be compared to a traditional on-site telephone system, where you have to make certain that your phones are available in certain areas and that there are sufficient power and capacity to support your calls. IP box allows you to have an instant solution when you need one, whether you’re in the office or out in the field. An on-site telephony solution also eliminates installation costs.

One last advantage of a hosted PBX is that an individual or business can have a virtual private telephone number even though he or she has an on-premise PBX. With an IP network, every call that goes through the IP number will end up being routed to the private telephone number. This way, the hosted solution works just like a dedicated private line. So even if an individual has a lot of phone lines, he or she can still get the service he or she needs and wants. All he or she has to do is create an online portal that connects with the phone company and he or she will have access to his or her own phone lines.