Choosing The Best Small Business VoIP Solutions For Your Needs

By | January 8, 2021

VoIP is quickly becoming the choice for small business. Many companies are installing these systems into their existing offices are incorporating them into their existing phone systems. These systems provide all the features of a traditional telephone system, but with the convenience of a small personal computer. You can purchase VoIP phone systems that allow you to add additional lines to your current telephone system. Some small business VoIP phones even allow you to send and receive emails as well.

When you add VoIP to your existing business needs, you are able to make and receive unlimited calls to and from your phone and anywhere in the world. These devices have become so popular that many small business VoIP solutions offer voicemail along with email functionality. Many phones also offer text messaging options, as well. In addition, some devices are equipped with web-based conferencing capabilities.

There are many small business VoIP solutions providers that provide hosted VoIP services. This basically means that the company that provides your service doesn’t own or manage the system. Instead, they simply rent out equipment and manage the system for you. It’s a great option for businesses that want to save money but don’t have the IT background or personnel required to maintain a high-end VoIP solution.

Reduced Call Duration: Most small business VoIP solutions come with reduced call duration options. You can set the minimum call duration for outgoing calls to a higher level if you need to. Many of these devices also allow you to make calls through your mobile device and even monitor and track call duration and accept or decline calls using your voice messaging system.

Extensive Reporting: Most small business VoIP solutions are provided with extensive reporting capabilities. This is great if you need to check on productivity, costs, etc. You can even get reports and interactive maps and share them with your team members. The reports can even be exported to Excel for further analysis. Some wholesale VoIP providers even integrate with Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Call Forwarding: Some small business voip solutions provide call forwarding functions. These functions may allow you to forward calls to extension numbers that are specified by you. For example, if you have two numbers in your company’s directory that can handle calls made to these numbers, you may want these numbers to receive your calls. This feature will allow you to redirect calls to these numbers. However, you may want your own extensions to receive calls, especially if you have a number of internal business VoIP phones. You can set up the feature for call forwarding and assign the extension you prefer.

Call Routing: Another feature that some small business VoIP solutions offer is call routing. This feature directs calls to the correct extension based on the destination entered. It may also determine the right extension for a certain number of extensions (for instance, a certain extension could be used when you are calling internationally). Most of these features are quite flexible, and you can use them according to your requirements. However, if you are not sure about how these functions work, you may want to ask your vendor for more information. They usually provide detailed information about their features and guidelines.

Although most small business VoIP solutions provide these features, it is also possible to implement the same using different technologies. In this case, you would need to find the technology that provides you with the best solution. This would depend on the traffic patterns of your business as well as the amount of control you want to have over how the phone system works. Once you have decided on the technology that you think will provide the most satisfactory solution to your needs, you may still find it necessary to consult your vendor for advice.