Features You Should Look For in Business VoIP Equipment

By | December 31, 2020

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol offers business owners the ability to lower their expenses. But how does one find the best providers? One of the easiest ways is to visit an online directory. Online phone systems have become very popular over the years and there are thousands of providers listed in directories. The question here is, how do you identify the best provider for your needs? For starters, look for the following characteristics in VoIP phone systems:

o Integrated Messaging. Small businesses can get great value from integrated messaging. Business VoIP phone service providers can offer features such as auto-attendant, call forwarding and messaging. Look for feature sets such as voicemail, auto attendant, e-mail alerts and web conferences. A good integration will allow small businesses to save significant money on long distance rates while making sure their calls are always answered promptly.

o Call Management. Many providers offer unified communications features that allow users to manage voice, messaging and faxes using the same application. This feature will help small businesses streamline their workflow and increase productivity. Common application features include call recording, call forwarding, call reminders, fax to email, fax to fax and so on. With unified communications, small businesses can handle all calls with one application, helping eliminate time wastage.

o High-speed internet connection. Another important feature to look for in business voip phone service providers is a high-speed internet connection. Although it is not necessary, a high-speed internet connection will greatly reduce lag time during calls. Most small businesses do not invest in high-speed internet connections because they already have a competitive service with local competitors. However, when a customer cannot make a long-time or frequent phone call, he or she will eventually switch to a VOIP provider with a high-speed internet connection.

o Connectivity. Although most small businesses already have a dedicated IT department, it would still be beneficial to hire a good business voip solution. Providers usually provide a toll-free numbers for inbound and outbound calls. Aside from being able to make long-distance calls at a much lower cost, a good VOIP solution will also be able to connect call center employees to employees located all over the globe.

o Technical support. Before comparing providers, take the time to ask each provider about their technical support. A good VOIP service provider should be able to answer basic questions regarding the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Most providers also offer free tutorials and troubleshooting guides that can help potential customers learn how to properly use their system.

o Integrations. One of the key features when selecting an inbound or outbound business VOIP solution is integration. Different providers offer different integrations. Some providers allow customers to directly send emails, set up automatic sign-in and access user information; while other providers integrate seamlessly with social media, email and contact management systems. The best provider has a comprehensive range of integration options, which allows you to quickly and efficiently integrate with your business technology infrastructure.

In summary, the best business voip service providers are those which provide a good value for money. It is also important to check the range of services they offer and to check if they offer integrated integration. These are just some of the factors which need to be considered when comparing business voip providers. Remember that the correct choice relies on your individual requirements and your company’s requirements. Only then can you be sure of choosing the most appropriate solution.

o Integrated voicemail. All providers offer voicemail capabilities, but not all providers provide the same capability at the same level. The most excellent ones have voice and messaging integrations that allow the same messages to be sent via email and also automatically forwarded to the users email inbox. There are also some excellent providers who allow users to select specific voicemails and stores them in designated folders. The best ones also allow you to preview each voicemail before sending it.

o Call management. Business VoIP systems usually come with excellent call management features. They allow you to manage multiple calls with the same interface. You can categorize calls according to the extension, contact name and others. Moreover, business VoIP phones generally allow multiple calls to the same person from the same number, which simplifies the process of call management.

o Quality of Service. Business VoIP phone service providers should make sure that they provide quality of service. Providers should make sure that calls are made promptly and also that calls are resently answered. In addition, they should also ensure that all the features are functional and properly implemented.