Freshcaller Mobile app 2.0: New updates you ought to know

By | December 29, 2020

Freshcaller’s 2.0 mobile app is comprehensive yet simple to use, it targets the best UX for a call center agent and makes the experience worthwhile. This revamp also makes the app more nimble and provides an ease of navigation to the user.

So, sit back and enjoy the new experience of cloud telephony. Here’s a quick walkthrough of  all the new features in the app

All Calls 

This screen gives information about incoming, outgoing, missed, abandoned, and voicemail calls in your account. This may interest you : Finding The Best SIP Trunk Provider Is Easy.

Now, a supervisor can easily monitor the call center activity in realtime and take appropriate calls on the go. It is important for the supervisors to provide quick guidance to the agent, which has become really easy as all calls are visible in the mobile app.

All Calls

Calling international phone numbers
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Call Summary

Now, get detailed insights about your call outcome, notes, and call recording all on one screen. On the same subject : Advantages of Having an Unmetered SIP Trunk Account. This screen also gives details about child calls in case of a transfer call and clearly shows the relation between the parent and child calls.

A Supervisor can now gauge the situation better and provide effective guidance to their agents by referring to the call summary details.

Call Summary

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Multiple Incoming Calls

View all the incoming calls on one screen and decide to answer based on your queue priority. To see also : What Does SIP Truning Mean?. The agent can now answer the call based on their set preference on which caller to answer first.

Agents can also minimize the incoming call screen and browse through the app and expand when they are ready to take calls again.

Multiple Incoming Calls

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Availability on the go

Change the status on the go and make yourself available anytime & anywhere.

Freshcaller app now has better readability and a more native experience to match the Operating System UI of the device the agent uses. We have redefined all the current screens to have a more structured layout, which not only makes the app beautiful but guarantees a better user experience.

Check out our solution articles for details on the new Freshcaller mobile app.

We thank all our customers who helped us bring a new experience into the mobile app, especially during this pandemic when remote work has been on the rise. We believe that this update will let the agent switch between the web and mobile applications seamlessly and provide the same superior experience.

As always, we can’t wait to hear more feedback and understand your business needs. Please drop us a note at

Illustrations by Mahalakshmi Anantharaman

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