How Business IP Services Can Help Small Businesses Look and Feel Like Bigger Companies

By | January 26, 2021

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How Business IP Services Can Help Small Businesses Look and Feel Like Bigger Companies

In simple terms, a business SIP trunk is like private phone lines and instead of making and receiving calls, use the internet for the same purpose. SIP or Session Initiation Protocol, is a way of delivering phone services over the internet for businesses. It is usually used for offsite and remote services. It can be considered as an application layer on top of the current internet infrastructure.

There are several reasons why companies are switching to small business VoIP trunking features. One reason is to save money. By utilizing private telephone lines, businesses will only pay for the amount of calls that they use. Whereas, with traditional phone lines, there is an ongoing monthly charge for long distance and unlimited calls. VoIP is definitely a money saver for businesses that do a lot of international business.

Another reason is so that employees and customers can have access to the company’s intranet through the Internet service. Accessing intranets via the internet is much more efficient than using a phone line. Many people already carry mobile phones with them and with the aid of a digital phone line, those people can access the intranet from anywhere, which makes it easier to collaborate with other departments or other locations.

VoIP is also used by businesses so that voice calls can be made to cellular phones. This is known as Business to Phone (BTP) service. Although the voice quality is not as strong when using BTP, it is still popular among small and medium-sized businesses. Businesses can reduce their costs when they use business SIP trunking as well.

If there is no connection between your computer and the phone service, or if you are going to use an old dial-up connection, you will be able to make unlimited phone calls for the same cost as if you had a Business IP service plan. You will need a broadband Internet connection in order to do this, but this is not necessary in all cases. Even if your current Internet connection is slow, you can use a virtual private network (VPN) to connect your phone to your Internet. This connection bypasses your current Internet service provider and makes use of a secure tunnel that lets you make phone calls over the Internet. There are different types of VPNs, and they are referred to as Open Network, Wide Area Network (WAN), Local Area Network (LAN) and Wireless Network.

Business SIP trunking allows small businesses to expand their range of available services such as voice and data at a fraction of the cost of purchasing these additional services from outside vendors. Business IP flex is provided by many companies that allow voice calls made in one location to be converted into digital text messages and sent to any compatible device. Business IP flex is usually offered for an extra monthly charge. This way, small businesses can take advantage of the benefits of Business SIP without having to spend a large amount of money to implement it. Businesses can also save money by avoiding long distance charges when making calls made with Business IP flex.

Another way to avoid high costs with business phone systems is to go with a vendor that offers hosted PBX solutions instead of purchasing an entire PBX system from the onset. Hosted telephony service provides the ability for your phone system to function like a virtual office, complete with fax, answering machine, voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting, call return, conferencing features and more. A hosted PBX service provider usually has the necessary hardware, software and routing elements needed for your business to operate within a specified geographic area. A good hosted phone system will offer call forwarding, conference calling, auto attendant, call return, voicemail, internet call back, web collaboration, online access and more. Some hosted providers even provide IT support and security to help protect your network and data files.

Business IP services provided by a good provider will be able to route calls to auto attendants who will then call the designated destination. Your auto attendant should have basic knowledge of basic business procedures such as outgoing calls, maintenance calls, reservations and special requests for info. Some providers will provide a virtual fax number in addition to business IP numbers for small businesses looking to simplify their billing process. Auto attendants can even be customised to display greeting messages and take messages on the fly.