How To Choose The Right Network Monitoring Tools For Your VoIP Phones

By | December 28, 2020

The best VoIP monitoring tools to monitor your VoIP network can be really hard to pick out. There are so many options available, and each one claims to be the best, or even the perfect tool for what you need it for! How do you find the top ones that actually work well to provide you with great insight into what is working? We have rounded up a few of the top VoIP monitoring tools available, all designed to provide you with solid insight into how your VoIP network is performing.

Site24x7 is the most complete network management solution for your VoIP. It provides the most complete insight available for performance metrics of your voip devices, as well as centralized bandwidth monitoring and performance reporting. It also comes with an advanced system for configuring and monitoring VoIP gateways. Advanced features include Traffic Shaping, which allows the application to route traffic based on predicted network usage patterns, Consolidated Reporting that allows centralized reporting to filter out or summarize traffic from certain categories, and a centralized console for performance diagnostics.

oIP Meter Pro is an easy to use, high-quality VoIP monitor. It measures both packet loss and jitter, which are two common issues associated with VoIP. It is simple to setup and provides detailed metrics of your calls. It also has a metric viewer that allows you to analyze various traffic types and more. Jitter is a metric that measures the delay within packets of data. This feature allows you to easily visualize the effects of packet loss, which makes it easy to identify problems associated with delay jitter.

oIP Gauge is a simple to use, but efficient VoIP monitor that reports not just peak voice, but also total dropped calls, average call length, and idle time. The Site 24×7 gauges all three of these three metrics, as well as any delays that may occur during the call. You can also track your connection speed, which is important if you need to test your connection. If you need to optimize your server settings for a particular operating system, Site 24×7 includes an easy-to-use interface that enables you to do so.

oIP Gauge provides a number of useful features, including the Site-wide notification profile. With this feature, you receive an instant notification when you exceed a specified bandwidth limit. The Site-wide notification profile can be configured to send you text messages, email, or both. You can also set the maximum bandwidth that Site 24×7 gauges, so that you never exceed the maximum allowed bandwidth.

o netscout has been a long-standing trusted VoIP system. Its packet loss alerts can provide real-time packet loss statistics, which allow you to quickly identify potential problems. Netscout also has a robust security program, which helps to protect your network and your privacy. Netscout’s extensive security package ensures the confidentiality of all your calls and data.

o SLA Monitor is a free tool offered by Microsoft to help network administrators manage VoIP traffic. SLA Monitor can manage VoIP traffic and diagnose potential issues, such as busy signals, excessive latency, and jitter. With a SLA Monitor account, you can also export your SLA metric information and receive them in Excel.

Each of these tools has its own benefits and limitations. However, with a careful decision and selection, you can significantly improve your current VoIP system performance. By taking advantage of these tips, you can get the most out of your current ISP. If you’re looking for an ideal solution to improve your current VoIP monitoring strategy, you should take advantage of our free trial services. For more information on how to subscribe to our free trial services, visit the paessler party network monitor website today.