How to Trace a Phone Number – The Features of a VOIP Phone System

By | December 11, 2020

It’s almost impossible to be certain who an unknown VOIP number really belongs to with only caller id. VOIP numbers normally have two identifyingifiers: the telephone number and the numerical address of the end user. Caller id is actually the number you see on the telephone when a call arrives. However, there is the more obvious problem: the VOIP phone number is actually quite easy to duplicate.

Some voice over IP providers like Vonage use an address-based system in which they can provide a “Trace the Callers” function. This is similar to the packet analyzer. The difference between the two, however, is that the packet analyzer needs the IP address to match against the telephone number. This requires knowledge of how to get the IP address and compare it against a known VOIP number. VOIP reverse look-up phone numbers don’t need these additional steps, because they are matched based on the information you already have.

To perform a voip lookup, simply connect to your internet and visit one of the many sites offering this service. You’ll find some sites that claim you can perform unlimited searches for free, but these are scams. There are sites that require you to pay a minimal fee to access their directory of calls along with a detailed report on each caller.

Most VOIP phone service providers allow you to perform a reverse lookup on local area numbers. This includes toll-free numbers. But these types of local area numbers tend to have several extensions in their local area which can make it difficult to determine the exact caller. Most free VOIP lookups only work on numbers within a 30 minute range of your home.

If your trying to find out who’s calling from a cell phone, you probably want to find out the name of the person behind the number. Fortunately there is a much easier way to get a hold of this info. All you really need is an internet connection, a free VOIP phone service provider and an online form. You simply type in the ten digit mobile or residential number and the program does the rest.

The program works as a reverse phone detective. It scans the available reverse directories and web sites and pulls out the information you’re looking for. It then presents you with the results. This is perfect if you’re trying to determine whether a particular voip number is being used to make calls to your home or work. Because most of the time, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a genuine reverse look-up site and a site that sell VOIP fraud products.

If you need to identify the source of an anonymous internet phone number that is consistently calling your children or spouse you can also depend on a quality VOIP phone number finder. These programs are designed specifically for people who need to identify the source of a VOIP call and report it to authorities. These programs can tell you who is making the calls, where they’re calling from, how long they’ve been calling and even how many times they’ve called. There is no other way to really know who’s calling unless you’re monitoring the calls yourself using a separate service.

In summary, a quality VOIP phone system with an added feature that allows you to trace long distance phone calls will help you identify the caller. You’ll know instantly who’s calling, where they’re calling from and what number they use. This is particularly important if it happens that you’re being harassed. You don’t have to take drastic measures to stop the abuse, simply report it to your provider and you should be safe from the bullies.