How Your Business Can Save 40% Every Month By Using VoIP

By | December 8, 2021

How Your Business Can Save 40% Every Month By Using VoIP

The way that small and medium sized businesses can save significant amounts of money on their monthly communications costs is switching to Voice Over IP also known as VOIP. VOIP is a technology that has had a lot of attention over the last few years, but due to the uncertainty and how unreliable it was, the adoption of the technology has been slower than expected. Small and mid-sized businesses have been the slowest of all segments to adapt to VOIP, mainly due the concerns about the type of support that is required to implement and maintain the solution. Over the last couple of years the technology has matured, as well as the quality of internet connections, to the point that VOIP should be considered by all businesses.

VOIP offers several benefits over traditional phone systems:

VOIP Saves Businesses Money and is Cost Efficient – VOIP offers free local calling on most standard plans which traditional phone systems still charge $.08 per call. VOIP typically includes either unlimited Long Distance or large blocks of time that essentially make the calls free. For most small businesses, either their local calls or long distance usage volumes will cause a significant reduction in monthly spend when switching to a VOIP solution. VOIP is also used over an internet connection which is used for both voice and data, which eliminates the need for multiple connections. In the future, all that will be needed is increased bandwidth as applications for your business continue to grow, but a change to your phone system will not be necessary.

VOIP Does Not Require Equipment Upgrades – When VOIP was first introduced, large equipment upgrades were needed which was a deterrent to businesses adopting the technology. Today, there are adapters that are available that convert digital signals to analog and make all existing phones systems, even simple pots lines, adequate for VOIP technology.

VOIP Makes Video, Audio and Data Integration Easier – The biggest benefit of VOIP technology will not be realized today, but in years to come. Internet Protocol or IP is quickly becoming the future of all communications including phones, TV, computers, etc. The use of IP gives businesses the ability to integrate their phones with their faxes and their computers with the video systems.

VOIP Offers Flexibility – With VOIP, businesses can more easily relocate their workforce, move calls so that they can match their load with their force, and use Virtual Telephone numbers to give their business a presence in a city that it does not physically exist. It is very common with VOIP for a local Chicago number to be answered by a rep in another state or even another country.Voice over IP (VoIP) is the future of telecommunications.

Experts agree that VoIP will eventually replace the PSTN, and the technology is already rapidly gaining ground. Traditional voice carriers, cable MSOs, and alternative providers with various business models are all aggressively trying to capture a piece of the VoIP market. If you haven’t done so yet, you owe it to yourself and your business to inquire about the options available with VOIP for your business. It is a switch that will save money and time in the short and long run. Most businesses have seen a 40% reduction in monthly communications costs with the switch to VOIP.