Introducing the all-new Freshcaller Marketplace

By | October 3, 2020

The Freshcaller Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for all your Cloud Telephony Integration requirements. There are different apps under various categories to help you with your business requirements. Read on to know what are all the apps available. 

Customer expectations are changing day by day. 

What can you, as a business, do to evolve to keep up with the latest requirements?

Product extensions, also known as integrations will help your customers with those needs. They help you extend the functionality of your product, thus enabling you to serve your customers better. 

To meet the requirements of customers as well as businesses, Freshcaller has come up with Marketplace, geared to help companies find everything they need to run their business on the Cloud. 

Interested to know how the Freshcaller marketplace can help your business? 

The Freshcaller marketplace is built to help your business grow and adapt to the ever-changing needs of customers. It has apps spanning different categories to help you cater to your customers across all industries. Contact centers usually act as the front door to any business, and the Freshcaller Marketplace helps make your work easier.

Integrating your Freshcaller account with other apps offers you a host of benefits. It helps you automate your repetitive tasks to make them simpler. With Freshcaller’s VoIP CRM integration, you can:

  • Increase agent productivity 
  • Manage your sales, marketing, and support activities better
  • Automate repetitive tasks

Here’s a quick look at all the categories under which Freshcaller apps are available:

Freshcaller marketplace apps



Agent productivity

Apps under this category will enable your agents to be more productive. They can automate everyday tasks, provide better support to customers with insights from these apps. They can view past interactions/call notes to provide a better customer experience. All these details can be seen from within the Freshcaller widget, eliminating the need to switch between windows to fetch relevant customer information. 

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CRM, Sales, and Marketing

With apps under this category, agents can view CRM information like customer contact details from within Freshcaller. Agents can perform activities like accessing a caller’s details during an ongoing call, creating new leads, etc. This may interest you : Business Telephone Systems., without having to leave the Freshcaller screen. This helps you keep sales and support teams on the same page regarding lead/customer information. 

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Through integration with e-commerce apps, agents can view details like customer order history, package tracking information, analyze the buying patterns, etc. This will help them assist the customers with their queries like date of package delivery, delays in shipping, etc. Read also : What is the Best IP Telephone Service?., quickly and efficiently. Integration with these apps eliminates the need to search for a customer’s record manually.

Here’s a brief overview of a few popular apps under each category:

Agent Productivity:


Help agents to be more productive with better context and insights. This app will help you increase agent productivity. This may interest you : How to Choose the Best SIP Provider For Your Calls. When an agent receives an inbound call, not only will he/she be able to see past interactions but also view all associated tickets created within Freshdesk. This will help your agents provide a personalized experience for your customers.  


This app helps you manage internal IT requests from employees. When an employee calls an agent, Freshcaller will fetch employee details like name, email address, phone number, and time-zone. With all employee data readily available, the agent can directly contact the employee through chat or email for any doubts/clarifications regarding the request made. This helps agents serve requests quickly and effectively.


Help your agents have a better context with this integration. Your agents can access FrontApp customer data while on the call with the customer. The details displayed will include name, email address, contact number, and any prior email communication made through the app. 

CRM, Sales, and Marketing:


With this integration, your agents will be able to view all the Freshsales CRM details from within Freshcaller. Customer details like first and last names, email address, work number are displayed. Agents can also create new leads from the same window. This helps you keep your sales and support teams on the same page regarding lead details.

Hubspot CRM

The Hubspot-phone integration helps your team access the contacts and deals from Hubspot CRM. Once the installation is complete, Freshcaller can fetch details like CRM contacts, companies, deals, and contact lists associated with a contact. Agents can view this from within their Freshcaller account without having to switch windows/tabs.


With Pipedrive phone integration, agents can view customer information associated with Pipedrive through the app. Customer details like email and phone number associated with the PipeDrive account are displayed. If it’s a new customer, agents can create a new entry on PipeDrive directly from within the Freshcaller screen. Agents can also create new contacts, new deals, perform activities like taking call notes, noting caller ID, etc. 

Copper CRM

The Copper CRM app within Freshcaller allows your agents to view customer information like contact details, associated opportunities, and activities. Agents can also create a new Copper CRM customer entry if it’s not available already. This helps your agents manage marketing activities seamlessly.



Enable your agents to help customers better using this integration. Agents can access information like order history and current orders. Details are fetched through the phone number, so when an agent receives a call from that number on Freshcaller, the details are pulled up instantly and displayed on the Freshcaller screen. Agents can also perform actions like canceling orders, processing requests for refunds on the customer’s behalf. 


This e-commerce integration helps you provide a better customer experience. When the customer contacts your support through Freshcaller, agents can view their order related information within the Freshcaller screen. This eliminates the need to switch tabs to retrieve that information, thus enabling you to serve your customers quickly and efficiently. 


Magento app for Freshcaller helps you provide a better experience for your customers by displaying their relevant order related information. Agents can view customers’ personal and order related information from Magento during an incoming or ongoing call. You can also click on the order ID displayed to gain more order related information. You will also have a link that you can click to view extended order information on the Magento store. 


This integration will help you access the latest order information while you’re on a call with customers. This way, you can serve customers quickly without having to switch between windows to retrieve information on their orders. The app can link up to two BigCommerce stores, so you can search for orders in both the stores. 

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There’s more on the horizon!

Freshcaller marketplace offers seamless integrations that go a long way in making life easier for employees and agents. Whether you are looking for a business phone that’s connected to all your tools, or you are looking to build your own solutions, Freshcaller Marketplace is the place to go!

It has almost 25 applications in its kitty as of today. Customer for Life is our motto, so we are working towards adding more apps through our partnerships. Many more integrations are on the horizon, so follow this space to know more.

About Freshcaller

Freshcaller is a modern-day reimagining of our everyday phone system for customer support, sales, IT, and HR teams. With Freshcaller’s cloud-based architecture, it brings together the best of legacy features like IVR and advanced capabilities like Smart Escalations, Call Routing, Custom Call Center Analytics to help you set up a state-of-the-art business call center. Freshcaller offers phone numbers in 90+ countries, requires zero phone hardware, and is extremely easy to use.

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