Make Cheap And Free Phone Calls Over The Internet, But Without The Fuss

By | November 19, 2021

Make Cheap And Free Phone Calls Over The Internet, But Without The Fuss

The world of telephony is undergoing a revolution. Mobile phones are everywhere in both developed and underdeveloped countries and now another great development is technology that enables anyone to make phone calls over the Internet for free or for a fraction of the normal price.

Calling over the Internet is done with a process known as VOIP , which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. In many applications of VOIP, such as the popular Skype service, Internet phone calls are made using a computer. A user of this type of VOIP service must connect to the Internet and make phone calls using a microphone, or attached headset. It is possible to call users on another computer, or, for a fee, to make calls to landlines or mobile phones.

While computer to computer calling and computer to landline calling has become popular, a new application makes it possible for consumers to make long distance calls over the Internet, using their existing land lines or mobile phones. The service, provided by a European-based company known as Jajah, works by making local phone calls at both ends of the connection and then connecting the two parties over the Internet, thus by-passing the long distance charges of the conventional telephone companies.

The users of the Jajah service do not have to call using their computer or purchase extra equipment. They can make calls using either their landline or their mobile phone. Calls between members are free of charge, and other calls are billed at rates that are substantially lower than conventional long distance charges.

For those Jajah users who want to use their computer directly, they can take advantage of a growing list of services including conference calls, call scheduling and text messaging. While all of these computer based services are similar to those offered by Skype, Yahoo and other VOIP applications, Jajah’s big selling point is that its primary service allows consumers to make phone calls using their normal telephone apparatus and without changing their normal calling behavior.

Another attractive feature of Jajah is that it has an affiliate system. Affiliates can place banner and buttons on their website and earn a portion of the revenue that Jajah gets when web visitors sign up and use the service. Some successful affiliates claim to have made thousands of dollars through their participation in the program.

The world is becoming smaller and smaller thanks to the availability of cheap mobile and Internet calling services, and this trend will only accelerate in the years ahead.