Small Business VoIP – What to Look for When Choosing a Provider

By | December 20, 2020

You have probably heard the success of VoIP companies like Vonage, RingCentral and Skype. These VoIP service providers are experiencing tremendous growth because people want to cut their communication costs. In particular, they are looking to reduce their long distance costs. To reduce long distance costs VoIP has provided or is going to provide some unique features that are not available with traditional phone lines. Some of these features include:

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Phone Numbers. VoIP companies are providing phone numbers for customers to call from a web based interface. This gives the customer many different options for contacting their business. Businesses can offer phone numbers to specific departments or sales representatives so that they can be reached in real time. Many voiP service providers will also offer this same option for emails.

Low Cost. Because of the low cost of operating an internet protocol network the cost of most voice phone services are much less than a traditional telephone line. Most companies offer rates that are about half of what a conventional long distance company charges for the same type of service. Additionally, many companies offer long distance calls for as little as $.5 a minute. The low price that you receive is because there is no capital equipment required, no equipment to maintain and no equipment to pay for the service.

Call Recording. One reviewer stated that he appreciated the low cost associated with call recording. He was able to review the voice of the person on the other end of the phone and felt that the quality was very good. He did, however, note that the cost per minute for call recording was not the best deal out there. Other reviewers were more pleased with the price free trial features of some of these companies. One reviewer stated that her trial period was only one week long, but she was still very pleased with the services she received.

VoiP Tools. One reviewer stated that he appreciated the tools that helped businesses manage calls more efficiently. Many of these tools provided statistics that were readily available to the business owner on a daily basis. The tools were also very easy to use.

Good Customer Support Team. The one reviewer who did not have a problem with the price did have a problem with the customer support team of some of the VoiP services. Many of these companies do not offer phone support when it comes to their voice service. When it came to technical support, the only person available was over the phone and did not respond to several emails that he sent.

Flexibility. The fact is that business voice services can change rapidly in terms of functionality and service. There are many new developments in this area every day. When selecting a company to purchase a VOIP phone system from it is important to find one that will adapt to those changes. Some companies provide cloud phone systems instead of traditional IPBX business voice services.

These are just some of the things that small businesses may want to consider when making their selection. Businesses should be able to determine their needs based upon the type of service that they require as well as the amount of overhead costs that they can handle. Fortunately, when conducting this research online the fact is that there are already comparisons made for you. In addition, the fact is that most voice phone services provide great value and great service for all types of small businesses regardless of the size or budget that they have.