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By | April 18, 2021

p>VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a new technology that enables people to make and receive telephone calls over the internet. A VoIP phone system connects people using the same IP-based lines used to connect them to the internet, rather than through long, expensive telephone lines installed directly in the office. VoIP can be used for an individual consumer who uses his own computer, or it can be used by a large business with several phone outlets where employees use their personal lines. Businesses that have many different internal phone systems and out-of-town call centers also find that using a VoIP phone system saves them money since they don’t need to maintain phone lines and buy landlines just to be able to make phone calls.

There are several advantages to using a VoIP service, especially if you’re a small business that needs to manage your own phone expenses. One advantage is that there are no long-distance charges involved because the calls are made within the same area as the service provider. Another advantage is that businesses can have all of their employees to communicate with each other using the same connection. Another advantage is that internet phone service is compatible with any type of operating system, so whether your business is on Windows Linux, or Mac OS X, you can still use your existing telephone system to make VoIP calls. And because VoIP service is not tied to your business phone, you can always decide to terminate your connection if your business decides to move to a new location.

So what types of VoIP phone service are available? There are currently four types of VoIP phone service. They are – Internet only, Internet with voice and video, Internet plus voice, and Integrated VoIP (IVA). Internet only plans require the customer to have a high-speed modem at home, which means that if your Internet connection is slow, you’ll have to wait for your phone to catch up before calling. Internet with voice and video requires that the customer have a video camera or microphone, and Internet plus voice plans include three lines in order for all employees to be able to make calls. IVA phone service is the most expensive plan, but allows you to have three lines with each employee.