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voip broadband phone

voip broadband phone How VoIP Broadband Phone Works The VoIP broadband phone technology uses the packet switching abilities of the Internet in providing phone services. Compared to circuit switching, VoIP has provided several advantages. In packet switching, several phone calls can occupy the same number of space which is only occupied by one phone call… Read More »

Importance of Cloud Telephony in the Post-COVID-19 era

Any business that’s looking to optimize or digitize its phone system, will be familiar with the term ‘cloud telephony’. The pandemic reiterated the growing importance of cloud telephony and how it can help businesses run their telephony operations from anywhere in the world without any telephony hardware reliance.  In this article, we’re covering everything that… Read More »

qos voip

qos voip The VoIP and the Need for QoS The telephone is one of the most useful inventions man has ever made. It is something that made the world smaller and it is also something that modern society is continuing to use in businesses and also in homes. Since the telephone was invented, services have… Read More »

Cell Phones Are Always Changing, Stay Up To Date With These Top Tips

Buying a cellular phone can be a frightening task for someone lacking sufficient knowledge of what is available. However, given the important nature of the task, many are interested in learning more. Fortunately, this article can serve as a handy reference for anyone needed to purchase a phone sometime soon. Refrain from keeping your phone… Read More »