Time Warner Cable Offers Great New Deals For Internet Only Providers

By | December 23, 2020

Time Warner Cable Communications, Inc. today announced that it had signed a deal with Portland, Maine’s WOW Telecommunications for the deployment of its new VoIP service. WOW, formerly known as WoW-TV, was founded by Bill Woods, who had been previously the director of research and development for Microsoft. Bill Woods was one of the engineers who helped deliver the technology to AT&T, so perhaps his enthusiasm for this new venture should be motivation enough for you to take a look at the new service as well. WOW offers free cable television with a broadband Internet connection and Voice Mail for up to five lines in each household. The company claims that customers will be able to download “millions” of movies, sports and news clips to their broadband Internet connection each month.

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CABLEvision Systems Corporation is already offering the same service across its New York-based footprint, but Comcast Corporation plans three to four expansions over the next year, and Cox Communications Inc., which is in the process of deploying service to more than 800,000 customers in multiple markets, plans at least two more mergers and acquisitions in 2020. But perhaps the biggest splash within the telecommunications space this year might come from Time Warner Cable, who has just announced a major expansion into Portland, Maine. This will be the second largest metropolitan area in all of North America, and the fourth largest city in the state. Time Warner Cable says it will provide “customer-focused, value added services and programs, including high-speed Internet access and home entertainment systems,” and that it plans to “add new service areas including Bangor, Portland, and Washington, D. C.” Additionally, Time Warner Cable says it will introduce “phased roll out” features “including two new markets” in southeastern Massachusetts. If these developments are borne out, it could signal a major wave for all Internet communication, as well as cable television.

In many respects, the lifeline of Time Warner Cable is its massive “digital cable” portfolio. Many of its most desirable upgrades involve extending its digital telephone service throughout its footprint. In many cases, this means extending the “Lifeline” program, which gives phone customers free nationwide long distance calls. By doing so, Time Warner Cable is attempting to win customer loyalty and minimize customer losses caused by the rising popularity of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) calling. The company’s other efforts to bolster its Internet offerings include adding KDDI (Kore/EDGE) to its lineup and launching a new broadband service called Video Edge.

The new lifeline program provides support for people who need affordable, quality telephone service. It can also help people who need voice mail to have the options and coverage they need to stay connected. Some areas that were not able to get Time Warner Cable service before the launch of the new program are now getting it. Even areas that were not part of the original installation of Time Warner Cable are now getting expanded services from the company.

The “New York State Of Mind” initiative supports people in the state of New York who are interested in availing of Time Warner Cable’s high-speed broadband VoIP home phone service, but do not want to be tied into the company’s high-cost copper infrastructure. It allows people to take full advantage of their broadband connections and make voice phone calls at cost-affordable rates. It is similar to the “common carrier” system that telephone companies in the United States have used for decades. It is a digital service provided over IP networks rather than using the public switched telephone network that is widespread throughout the United States.

Like Time Warner Cable’s other offering, DSL or Digital Subscriber Line, a customer can use their high-speed Internet connection to make phone calls to any part of the world and they will not be charged for this service. This service is offered at an affordable price. There are certain areas that are not included in the common carrier system, which is why many people choose this type of connection over other options. If you live in one of the designated areas or plan to soon, you should contact your local Time Warner Cable service and find out if you will be eligible for the new “DSL Everywhere” plan.

In the past, consumers did not have much protection when it came to Time Warner Cable. Their bundled packages provided very poor quality VoIP service, so users often complained about call quality and reliability. The new “DSL Everywhere” offerings from Time Warner Cable will allow any consumer to enjoy great phone service and excellent VoIP services. They have developed plans to specifically target people who are seeking a good VoIP provider. You will be able to search by zip code, area code or even city and find precisely what you need to get connected with the best providers near you.

Many consumers are now switching to VoIP service from their old carrier, whether it be Verizon AT&T or another company. The competition among VoIP companies is fierce and it’s good to know that things are looking up for those of us who chose to go with Time Warner Cable. They have improved their service quality and added many new features to attract and keep phone customers. With so many perks and benefits, it’s no wonder why many people are switching back to their old provider. If you were skeptical about VoIP just a few years ago, now you can see how wrong you were.