Using Your Computer For VOIP

By | September 29, 2020

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Using Your Computer For VOIP

Is it possible to get VoIP phone service with a Time Warner Cable Connection? Can you have your own virtual VoIP number? If yes, then how? How do you get a phone number for your VoIP service?

You might get non-Time Warner calls OK? Then the call would be hitting the network anyway. You just need to call up the operator and escalate the network. That is how Vonage works too.

But when it comes to VOIP phone service you may want to upgrade to a Time Warner Cable connection because of the technical limitations of the VoIP system. Some systems are limited to a certain number of simultaneous calls. Some systems cannot work with different types of telephone extensions.

The only way that you can have your own virtual VOIP number is to use your computer and the appropriate software to set up your own phone account. It’s a fairly simple process.

There is not much difference between Time Warner’s dialup services and what you can do with the virtual VoIP packages. The only real difference is the number of extensions that the program can handle. For a small fee you can add up to 10 additional phone extensions.

Virtual extensions can be used in place of a traditional landline number and can be transferred from one place to another easily. For example, if you were renting an apartment and moved to a different town you can still use the phone number and place it in your virtual extensions. The phone company will charge you a rental rate for that extension as opposed to your current rates.

But if you decide to go with a high speed Internet connection then you will need to get a high speed cable connection from Time Warner to connect to their servers. Or you can choose an alternative such as a DSL connection. That means that you need an Ethernet router or a modem with built in Wifi capability.

The problem with this method is that if you decide to stop using the service your number will expire. It may also disappear if you have any long distance charges. In many cases you will not be able to continue calling this number as well and will have to find another provider.

A high speed broadband connection with a cable modem is the most convenient option. You will not have to have a special VoIP telephone or any special equipment to do this. It just makes life a whole lot easier. It can save you a great deal of time and money because you will not need to purchase special hardware and installation.

Most people use AT&T for their VOIP service but Time Warner offers other services too. You can use their CDMA service for international numbers. and their new Verizon FiOS service for the service to reach your home.

When using the internet with a Time Warner phone number you do not need to take any more than 15 seconds to log on and start talking. If you have more than one number, you can keep talking until you complete your call. If you want to make several calls at the same time you will need to switch to voice mail. This can be accomplished by pressing a button on the remote.

You will need a high speed modem or router to set up your virtual extensions. You will also need a computer with a high speed Ethernet or cable modem. with a broadband wireless modem to connect to the phone company’s servers. And you will need to have a high speed high-speed internet connection to use Voice over IP (VoIP) to your computers.

You can’t expect this type of service to be free though. For a small monthly fee you will need to pay a monthly access fee and you will need to set up an account that allows unlimited virtual extensions. before you can start using this service.