VoIP – A Guide to Digital Phone Phones

By | December 9, 2020

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is simply a technology and system of computer-based systems for the transfer of voice and audio messages, as well as other multimedia session over Internet Protocol networks, like the Internet. It is used in telephones, home phone service, and in the distribution of low-cost international long distance calls. This voice communication service has gained a high acceptance in various fields. Its growing demand and increasing benefits have prompted several companies to adopt this voice communication technology. Now-a-days, various companies provide this voice communication service in a number of reliable and cost-effective packages, which are popularly known as ‘voip phone packages’ or simply as VoIP phones.

voice over internet phone

It is a great facility provided by VoIP services that enables you to make long distance calls at reduced rates with great quality. You can make international, long distance phone calls at low rates and quality as well. To avail these fantastic facilities, just buy an internet phone from any of the reputed providers in the market. With these phones, you can chat and send voice messages instantly.

These are actually voice over broadband phone systems. They consist of a broadband connection along with voice and messaging features in one single unit. Broadband is a speedy internet access. It transmits data at extremely fast speeds through broadband phone systems. As it transmits information at a faster speed, people find it easier to chat with people, send voice messages and even use internet applications.

Broadband phone systems, through voip technology, allow you to make local, long distance, or international phone calls at very reasonable rates. The international call rates are also very much cheaper as compared to the landline calls. VoIP technology is used for transferring voice as well as data messages. VoIP phones have a high-end technology that helps them do instant messaging, file transfer, dial up connections, conference calling, video conferencing etc. with ease and in very less time.

To avail the facility of making calls through a VoIP phone, you need an internet connection with an IP address. Your IP address is unique to you. Thus, there is no such standard IP address in the internet, so it is difficult to connect to the same server twice. Your IP address gets changed when you change your IP. To prevent the possibility of port blocking and hacking, your IP address must be protected with an anonymous proxy server.

To prevent the misuse of your IP address by others, you have to subscribe with an IP-T proxy server. These servers are specially designed to hide your real IP and pass the calls through other IP-based networks. Thus, while your IP address is not revealed to the third party, your voice is not affected. Similarly, your internet service provider cannot trace your voice through the proxy server. This feature has made IP-T phone calls very cheap as well as very convenient.

As voice is the primary purpose of using a VoIP service, you can easily make unlimited long distance calls using this service. You do not have to pay any extra cost for making long distance calls. You may also connect with a conventional landline number and make STD -to-ISD conversion calls. Voice over internet phone services have reduced global call rates to make communication with friends and colleagues more convenient.

VoIP technology enables voice communication to be converted into digital data carrying digital voice. It takes the form of digital audio packets, which are routed to an answering machine or voice mail box. The voice then converts into electronic pulses which are then converted back into voice at the receiving end. Thus, this process creates digital sound rather than voice. A digital phone serves the purpose of both a conventional telephone and an internet phone.