What is the Best Way to Transition to the Skype For Business?

By | October 1, 2020

If you are new to the world of VoIP and if you are new to VoIP for business, then you might find it a little hard to understand the intricacies of a Skype for business SIP trunk. So here are the main things that you need to know about VoIP for business.

First of all, a SIP trunk is not a dedicated phone number or a service that you can choose to use for VoIP for business purpose. Instead it is simply a software package that is being used for making your business more efficient. The way how it works is very simple and it involves two primary processes.

What are the SIP trunk options? The basic difference between the regular SIP trunk and a Skype SIP trunk is that a regular SIP trunk is used for making calls from a particular IP address. This means that the PSTN trunk is used for making local calls in the UK and the SDSS trunk is used for making international calls. If you are using SIP for business purposes, then you will have to use a dedicated SIP trunk for the sake of business efficiency.

How should we transition to using the SIP trunk? You should do it gradually. As a matter of fact, you should start by using the standard PSTN trunk, then later on you can move on to the dedicated SIP trunk and then finally move onto the Skype SIP trunk.

Do I have to pay any fees to get the Skype SIP trunk? Of course you do! But remember that there is no SIP trunk for free. It is just a small fee which is nominal and then you will enjoy the benefits of the SIP trunk.

Can you use your regular SIP trunk for business? You can indeed use your regular SIP trunk for business. It will give you a huge advantage because you will be able to make cheap calls for business purposes.

But what about the Skype SIP trunk? As a matter of fact, the Skype SIP trunk is more ideal for the business and hence you should use it first before trying the regular SIP trunk. If you are still having a hard time understanding how Skype works and how it works, then you can refer to the Skype SIP trunk guide first. This will help you better understand how Skype works and how it works in a practical sense.

Do I really have to buy a PSTN line for my business? No, you do not have to buy any PSTN line for your business but you can use the regular SIP trunk for business purpose.

When you are using SIP for your business, you should also not forget that the phone cards are also used for business purpose. Therefore, you can just use your phone cards for the sake of making local calls within the UK and then you can transfer to the SIP trunk when you need to make international calls. or when you need to make international calls within the entire world.

Can I use Skype with my normal phone number? No, you cannot but you can use Skype with your normal phone number. If you are using the standard SIP trunk, you can still use your regular phone number as a PSTN number. if you want to.

How do I make a VoIP call from my regular SIP phone number? You can just simply use the Skype SIP bridge. and then you can connect the Skype SIP bridge to your computer or laptop and voip your calls. You can then use the Skype SIP bridge to connect to the PSTN trunk from your computer and avoid your calls.

So now that you have learned about all the things that you should know about Skype, you can try using Skype and enjoy the convenience that it gives to you. Just imagine the benefits that you will enjoy.