What Is the Top Small Business PBX Systems?

By | December 13, 2020

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What Is the Top Small Business PBX Systems?

Small Business PBX has emerged as one of the most preferred choice for small enterprises in achieving cost-effectiveness in communications. Traditionally, a small business PBX (private branch exchange) is simply a phone switching machine that handles outgoing and incoming calls for the internal users of a business. A private branch exchange allows multiple calls to be handled from the same phone number at the same time. It is connected to a public switched telephone network and hence receives calls from other extensions. In simple terms, it is a telephone system which is privately owned and operated by the small business firms.

There are many advantages of small business phone systems over other types of telephone systems like the public ones. For starters, it offers features and functions that are rarely available with public switched phone networks. One of the most important benefits is the voice mail options. A private system allows users to send and receive voice mails at an exceptionally low cost, along with fax and email services. The voice mail and fax services can be managed without using a third-party company.

Another major advantage provided by small business phone systems is the added value and variety in menu choices. Most importantly, pay vendors have introduced a plethora of advanced features into their products. These include auto attendant, virtual receptionist, call transferring, call screening, welcome message, music on hold, music off hold, call transfer, caller ID, call forwarding, video conferencing, night service etc. Most of these advanced features are designed to help small businesses manage their calls in the best possible way. Apart from all these features, you would also find some additional features like call distribution, call routing, call waiting, call conferencing, music on hold, video conferencing etc.

ip phones are another feature that has added value to small business PBX solutions. They are highly flexible, cost-effective and feature-rich. An IP PBX works as if it is connected to the larger network. Hence, calls coming in will be distributed across various IP networks and subnet masks. Some companies provide IP phones with bundled extensions, while others charge extra for the same.

Most of the small businesses use voice over IP (VOIP) phone systems. This facility enables users to make local, long distance and international calls at relatively cheaper rates. All small firms and offices should have their own IP telephone systems. This is because an inferior voice over ip telephone system may not be able to accommodate all the calls that the firm wants to make. A VOIP phone system gives the firms the flexibility to handle their business expansion plans.

Many leading providers offer IP based hosting facilities. This enables companies to select among many options such as virtual, dedicated or reseller IP hosting facilities. The best small business phones systems usually incorporate a feature that allows easy installation and integration with existing IP enabled systems. In addition, most hosts provide easy maintenance and support services, including the provision of toll free numbers.

There are some communication service providers who rank their clients according to the extent to which they need advanced features. An IP PBX with advanced features is said to be the top choice among many businesses. The leading VOIP phone system vendors advise businesses to select servers that support voice over IP technology. These servers can efficiently route voice traffic between client locations. They can also enable businesses to use remote workers from different locations for taking telephone calls, irrespective of the location that they are situated in.

A hosted VoIP service provider can offer the best value for money. The best small business phone system companies offer multiple phone services at varying rates and packages. A number of these companies provide round-the-clock technical support and service to ensure that the clients are able to integrate their systems seamlessly with their existing systems. Most of these service providers also offer reliable remote backup and security of data. To get an idea of what these companies can offer you, make sure to check out the features and plans of each and then zero in on a provider that meets your requirements.