Your guide to CSAT surveys for phone interactions

By | November 13, 2020

In this blog post, we discuss the importance of a CSAT survey after phone interactions and how Freshcaller can help you create the perfect IVR CSAT survey.


“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is madness” On the same subject : Breaking Down Computer Telephony Integration.


Feedback is an important part of any process. Without feedback, we are just shooting in the dark and operating on blind faith. For any business, customer feedback is of paramount importance. As we know without customers there can be no business.

According to Gartner, 89% of businesses will compete mostly on the basis of customer experience in the future. In such a world it is important for every business to collect customer feedback regularly to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their products and services.

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What is a customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey? 

A customer satisfaction survey or shortly known as CSAT survey is a method of collecting feedback from customers usually done on a scale of 1-5 or 1-10 (1 being least satisfied and 10 being most satisfied). See the article : Choosing the Best VoIP Phone Providers.

CSAT Example
For phone calls this is usually done through an IVR menu option — a message is played after the call prompting the caller to choose from a list of menu options depending on how satisfied they are with the service.

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Why is customer satisfaction survey important for phone calls? 

Voice is a crucial part of customer engagement. Phone calls give you the opportunity to connect with customers on a personal level. Read also : align="right" alt="virtual pbx solutions for small business" style="height:auto; max-width:36% max-height:360px; margin:0px 10px; width:auto;" src=""> <h1>Virtual PBX Solutions For Small Businesses. At the same time, it comes with its challenges — it can be particularly hard to collect feedback for phone interactions. 

Take James, a customer support manager for a printer service company. His team handles support queries through a number of channels such as email, chat and phone. Given the complex nature of his business, most of their queries come through the phone. 

For email and chat queries, a feedback survey is sent along with the agent’s response and the customer’s satisfaction is recorded. He faces a problem with phone interactions — he is unable to measure his customer satisfaction for phone calls. Considering most of James’s queries come through the phone, he needs to know if his customers are satisfied with his phone support. 

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How is CSAT measured? 

Your customer satisfaction score can be calculated using the following formula: 

CSAT formula

If you have a scale of 1-5 for your CSAT survey, with 1 being least satisfied and 5 being very satisfied: 1-2 would be negative responses, 3 neutral and 4-5 would be positive responses. 

For example: If 30 customers out of 50 have give a rating of 4 or 5, your CSAT score would be: 30/50 *100 = 60% 

Using IVR for CSAT Surveys

The best solution to James’s problem would be to use an IVR to conduct CSAT surveys. James can set up a prompt at the end of every call to record his customer satisfaction with ease.

Some customer satisfaction survey examples are: 

  • Are you satisfied with our service today? Press 1 if you are satisfied, press 2 if you are not satisfied. 
  • Did we help solve your problem? Press 1 if yes, press 2 if no. 
  • On a scale of 1-5, 1 being difficult and 5 being easy, how easy did [company name] make it to handle your issue?

Advantages of CSAT Surveys
With an IVR CSAT, James now has insight into his customer satisfaction and he can also analyze his phone team’s performance.

CSAT surveys provide you with insights and can help you understand how good, or bad your customer service is.

Post call survey benefits:

  1. Receive real-time customer feedback
  2. Identify areas of improvement for your business or product
  3. Analyze agent performance

Here are some best practices for customer satisfaction surveys:

  1. Keep the question short and to the point: After a phone call, your callers will not have the patience to listen to long and complicated questions. Decide exactly what you want to ask and ask it in as few words as possible. 
  2. Include an introduction: It is often a good practice to include an introduction before your survey question such as: “Your feedback is important to us” or “Your feedback helps us improve”. This way your customers are assured that their feedback matters and are more likely to give a genuine response.
  3. Analyze customer feedback: Now that you have collected feedback, you should focus on customers who are unhappy or unsatisfied with your product or service. Customers will appreciate it when you reach out to them personally and understand why they were unsatisfied. This insight will also help your business to avoid mistakes and improve customer experience in the future.

How to set up a CSAT survey? 

A phone system such as Freshcaller can help you set up an IVR CSAT survey in minutes. 

  • Freshcaller lets you customize your IVR messages. You can utilize our text to speech converter or even record or upload a message of your own to be played to callers.Customer Satisfaction Survey Message
  • With Freshcaller you can enable an IVR CSAT for every inbound call as well as an outbound call. After every call, an option to trigger the CSAT survey is given to the agent. Upon triggering the survey, the IVR message is played to the caller and their keypress is recorded.
  • You can also view your customer satisfaction survey response rates and these results are attached to their calls. You also have the option of exporting customer responses so that you can really drill down and analyze your customer satisfaction levels.

Analyze customer satisfaction survey

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